The province of Palencia can boast of having the highest concentration of Romanesque monuments in Europe. It also hides an endless list of corners of spectacular beauty and all kinds of landscapes: from wide fields of wheat, characteristic of the Castilian plateau, to great mountains with elevations of up to 2,520 meters high. altitude.

The capital, through which vacceos, Romans and Visigoths walked, will allow us to discover a welcoming city, rich in history and full of charm.

Our three-star superior hotelhas spacious and elegant soundproofed rooms, all of them exterior , from several you can see the majestic sculpture by Vitorio Macho “El Cristo del Otero”, an indisputable symbol of the city of Palencia.

Conceived and made for the comfort and satisfaction of our business clients and conference attendees, urban tourists, etc., with modern, functional and complete facilities.

Look out and let yourself be conquered by this marvelous hi-tech city! storic. The largest museum in the world is alive, Palencia!


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